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“You want more out of life. Work, love, business, whatever it is, it’s yours for the taking as long as you’re taking the right steps. We make taking the right steps easy!”

Living Extraordinary Evolved + Dynamic is designed to empower the lives of people that want life’s extras. The promotion that brings prestige and money, the relationship that makes your heart sing, the expert edge to close that deal. 

Maybe you want to become an effective leader who can communicate and persuade in the workplace. Maybe you are seeking depth and connection in your personal relationships. Maybe you want to inspire your workforce, build morale in your business, and strengthen your employees. Welcome to each and every one of you.

Kesh delivers powerful workshops, seminars, and talks utilizing thousands of hours of experience as a licensed psychotherapist working directly with individuals, groups, families, and couples. This depth of experience, in its potent and simple form, is carefully poured into our articles and products. The unique combination of evidence-based and process-based techniques are easy to master, quick to work, and provide amazing results.

Our exclusive and patented EnMEK® approach is an innovative confluence of Cognitive Behavioral and Rational-Emotive Behavior modes, Motivational Interviewing, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Experiential Therapy, research based in Neuroscience and Brain Anatomy, and myriad other methods. Most importantly, we are driven to serve by the unique and shared human experience. 

This eclectic framework is the tapestry for you to create the life you want. With discipline, dedication, and passion there is nothing that you cannot accomplish and all good things are within your reach. As human beings, it is our responsibility to learn, apply, and expand. Evolution is our calling. Accomplishment is our satisfaction.

Living Extraordinary Evolved + Dynamic

Empower Your Living™

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