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Community College or Medical School. Start-up or Fortune 500. Rural hospital or Powerhouse Medical Center. We have workshops and seminars guaranteed to benefit you!

You probably already have friends, family, colleagues, and associates that are taking advantage of these experiences.  Join Them At The Top.

The Living Extraordinary Evolved + Dynamic program utilizes the exclusive Enhanced MotivEmotive Kognition (EnMEK)® approach and offers Group Sessions that incorporate relationships in an energizing way and build accountability to each other as people and a team; and Workshop instruction and processing are presented for universities, colleges, schools, start-ups, companies, and corporations who seek to breathe life into and strengthen their greatest asset – their people. 

We also offer coaching for professional business skills and powerful techniques for athletes to maximize performance interactions.  Couples are invited to participate together for united relationship growth.  Living Extraordinary Evolved + Dynamic also services Professional consultations for mental health professionals.

All services are tailored to meet your unique needs and life experiences.  We are available over-the-telephone, Skype, and tele-conference.  E-mail questions will be answered in the order they are received.

Kesh is hands-on, personable, and treasures working directly with people.  His favored mode is face-to-face, but knows that this world moves at a pace that makes connecting via technology much easier.

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  “When you need a dynamic speaker book Kesh!” – JC, Patient Safety Manager for an east coast medical center


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