Today is the day. After working tirelessly, you finally have an opportunity to bring your vision to fruition- the manifestation you longed for. You have a meeting to pitch your idea to the leadership group. Sweat is in your palms, heart is racing. You question if you’re smart enough? Creative enough? If you’ll lose your job? The anxiety hamster is running on the wheel that is your mind. Do this to get in the zone. Time to dominate. 


Five years ago, Amy Cuddy a researcher at Harvard University, conducted a project in which she found that posing in a “power position” for just 2 minutes reduces levels of cortisol and increases testosterone levels in the body. You can watch Amy’s TED talk here. It’s one of the best! She is deeply personal with her story. Cliffs Notes version: higher testosterone can lead to heightened confidence; lower cortisol reduced anxiety and aids in coping with stress.

Knowing what you know from reading my article on Multi-tasking, you have a general sense of hormonal effects on the body and know that environmental and social stimuli can speedily affect hormone levels e.g. testosterone and cortisol in this case.

Keys to Remember: Find an area where you are not being watched- bathroom stalls work well; Lift your chin up; Gentle or wide smile- what feels natural and good. Hold pose for at least 2 minutes.

Additional Option: My own twist is to add a positive self-message. For me it’s usually something like: “I am calm, confident, and express my ideas clearly.”

I say it over and over again in my mind while holding the position. This keeps me centered and focused. Come up with one that works for you.

Believe in your strength. Knock ‘em dead!